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"The improvements in mobility and strength began to relieve my day-to-day discomfort almost immediately"

david howitt

"A couple of years ago my Neurosurgeon suggested that before opting for surgery I should first try doing Pilates to alleviate my severe back pain and although skeptical at first I have become a true convert...more


"within three months my lower back pain was gone"

shane jakober

In my mid-30s I began to experience unrelenting episodes of low back pain due to lumbar muscle spasm. Even sitting in a car was excruciating. I tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, pain reliever drugs, heat/cold therapy, topical creams and a TENS unit. While many provided temporary relief...more

"with Laura’s encouragement, I became much stronger, more flexible, and gained better balance"

billie dunbar

When I retired several years ago, one of my goals was to find an exercise program I would stick with. I cannot remember how many gyms or fitness programs I have joined in my lifetime only to drop out after a few months...more

"laura cotler got me toned for my wedding ...not to mention fitting into my wedding dress."

brenna labine

I fell in love with the Pilates reformer at Lift Pilates. The workouts are dynamic, flowing, fun, and educational. Each instructor has their own style, so you’re always learning different exercises. Lift Pilates has been a big part of my life...more