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"THE HOLY GRAIL OF PILATES" Experience Pilates pure and true to its core at the only Classical Pilates Studio in Davis. Getting Started is Easy: Purchase our INTRO OFFER and start today! 

WARNING: THIS IS VERY ADDICTIVE AND VERY FUN- Lift Pilates Personalized Pilates Sessions and our UNIQUE Lift Pilates Class

  • Lift Pilates offers authentic Pilates classes that are true to the original method developed by Joe Pilates.
  • Our small group classes are designed to help you improve your posture and daily movements, as well as enhance your athletic performance.
  • We provide private lessons and our unique Lift Pilates Class to guide you on your Pilates journey.
  • If you're interested in learning more, please explore our website to find out about our private lessons and Lift Pilates classes.


Here’s what some of Laura's clients have to say… click here for more google reviews


Alyson Mitchell

"Doctors offered pain injections but no real solutions other than more surgery (for my total knee surgery and progressive scoliosis). I started Lift Pilates in the summer of 2022. At ~6 months I started to feel different... a bit stronger..."


Brenna Labine

“I attended regular sessions in preparation for my wedding and throughout my pregnancy….and fell in love with Pilates at Laura’s studio."

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Shane Jakober

"Within three months my lower back pain was gone. I owe my improvement to Laura's expert assessment and instruction."


David Howitt

"The improvements in mobility and strength began to relieve my day-to-day discomfort almost immediately"

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Featured on GOOD DAY/CBS NEWS. Davis's only Classical Pilates Studio

  • You will learn the Classical Pilates method, not Pilates on just a reformer or a mat, but an entire system of exercises that will lead you to better health (you will still learn the Reformer and you will have a rich, personalized Reformer program).
  • We will focus on your individual goals and personalize your sessions to your needs, working around any injuries. With the Classical Pilates Method, you will get an invigorating, full-body workout that meets you where you are.
  • You will learn real Pilates: the complete Pilates system on Contrology by Balanced Body and original Gratz Pilates apparatus. Our studio is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio with top of the line apparatus including the Reformer, High Mat, Cadillac, Guillotine Tower, Wunda Chair, High/Electric Chair, Arm Chair/Baby Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Pedi-Pole, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Breath-a-Cizer, Magic Circle, and other small apparatus.