LIFT PILATES stands out by offering the innovative Open Studio Pilates Method. This approach, rooted in tradition, fosters self-practice habits and mindset. In our open studio Pilates sessions, we redefine the role of the teacher as a coach, empowering our clients to build resilience, consistency, and mastery over the Pilates system. This method, in line with Joseph Pilates' original vision, is more than just training with the exercises; it's a fundamental path to truly understanding Pilates.

The Open Studio Pilates Method is not just a way to practice Pilates-it's a path to long-term success and wellness.

    • Since introducing this format, our clients have experienced remarkable physical and mental progress in their Pilates practice in a matter of months, a level of achievement that would have taken years to reach in traditional methods. Imagine the possibilities for your own Pilates journey with this accelerated progress potential. Pilates is a journey that requires consistency and patience, but the results are truly rewarding. At Lift Pilates, we create a supportive and fun environment, offering personalized programs tailored to each client's needs. Our Open Studio method encourages you to take your time, make mistakes, celebrate your successes, and learn from your challenges-it's all part of the journey. Join us in this pursuit of better health and become a valued member of our dynamic, community-oriented space. Lift Pilates also runs as a hybrid practice, where our clients can join Open Studio practice virtually. The virtual option is popular when our clients travel or can't get into the studio.

Workouts Custom-Tailored For You

Unlock the full potential of your body with our Contrology by Balanced Body apparatus and Original Gratz Pilates apparatus. Our state-of-the-art equipment is the best in the industry, designed to help you build a strong, flexible, and toned body that moves with ease and efficiency. Our Pilates program is tailored to meet you where you are, so you can work at your own fitness level. With our fun and supportive environment, you'll become healthier and stronger in no time. Join us today and discover the power of Contrology by Balanced Body and Original Gratz Pilates apparatus!

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Lift Pilates named best Pilates studio in Davis 2024!

Balanced Body Pilates and Gratz apparatus include:

  • 3 Reformers
  • 2 Cadillacs
  • Guillotine
  • 3 Studio High Mats
  • 2 Wunda Chairs
  • High Chair (Electric Chair)
  • Arm Chair (Baby Chair)
  • Ladder Barrel
  • 2 Spine Correctors
  • Small Barrel
  • Ped-o-Pul
  • Foot Corrector
  • Toe Correctors
  • Airplane Board
  • Neck Stretcher
  • Magic Circles
  • 2 x 4
  • Bean Bag Roll-Up Device
  • Breath-A-Cizer