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    about lift pilates

    pilates & post-rehab pilates

lift pilates enables you to achieve your goals, whether you're recovering from chronic pain or injury, or strengthening your body and mind. we work to reconnect you with your amazing body, to help you feel good both physically and mentally, right from your first session.


Our beginning

Lift Pilates & Post Rehab was created in 2002 by movement enthusiast Laura Shearer Cotler. She has taught Pilates since the early 2000s.

Laura used Pilates to overcome her own body image issues. This experience inspired her to create a Pilates and movement community that doesn’t rely on the way a person’s body looks on the outside, but rather how it feels on the inside—and even more importantly, how it feels while moving.

Laura uses Pilates as her metaphor for life: “As we become more fluid and graceful in our bodies and accepting of our bodies, so too can we do the same in our lives.”

Meet Our Team

Lift Pilates & Post Rehab was created in 2002 by movement enthusiast Laura Shearer Cotler.


lift pilates & laura cotler classical pilates owner & founder, pma®-cpt, authentic pilates union member services coordinator

Laura is the founder and owner of Lift Pilates. Laura discovered her passion for Pilates as a form of mind-body exercise after her mother died in 1999. She opened Lift Pilates in 2002, envisioning a space where women and men can develop a feeling of strength and acceptance of their bodies that will go with them from the Pilates studio into the wider world.

Laura is comprehensively trained in the Pilates method and certified since 2001...

Liza headshot.jpeg

Balanced Body® Certified Pilates Instructor

Liza started Pilates more than a decade ago to address her low back pain. She fell in love with the method the moment she did footwork on the Reformer. Pilates resolved her back pain and has kept her pain free since. In 2015, Liza knew she had to make a career change after spending close to 15 years helping college students realize their dreams. She declared 2015 her year of pursuing “wellness and all things that stir her heart.” That year...


Balanced Body® Certified Pilates Instructor

Ariana was born and raised in San Francisco and received her comprehensive Pilates certification in 2013 from Balanced Body. She is a Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer through the American Council of Sports Medicine and develops exercise programs specifically suited for cancer survivors. Ariana empowers her clients to bring out their inner strength by improving their physical fitness through Pilates.

She has performed as a dancer and...


lift pilates offers

caring, educated instructors who support and encourage you, whatever your initial level of fitness; a welcome, calming space that encourages rejuvenation of mind and spirit, as well as body; guidance and personal attention; injury prevention; better balance and coordination; decreased stress; the feeling of accomplishment that follows you from the Pilates studio into all aspects of your life.

we teach science based exercise principles by Joseph Pilates and apply proven practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.

expect a stronger, toned physique, better posture, a longer flowing gait, less pain and stiffness, better balance, and increased flexibility.