Here’s what some of Laura’s clients have to say:

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Shane Jakober

"In my mid-30s I began to experience unrelenting episodes of low back pain due to lumbar muscle spasm. Even sitting in a car was excruciating. I tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, pain reliever drugs, heat/cold therapy, topical creams and a TENS unit. While many provided temporary relief, none provided any for longer than a day, and the various therapies were costly!

Often the cause of such pain is weak core musculature, so I started working out at a gym. It didn’t take long, however, for my back pain to worsen, plus I developed additional pain in my joints because I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that makes me overly flexible and prone to injury. Traditional strength training was out.

My doctor recommended Pilates. I’d...


Brenna Labine

"I fell in love with Pilates at Laura’s studio. The personalized workouts are dynamic, flowing, sweaty, and fun. Laura’s studio has been a big part of my life through some major milestones. In the last few years I have attended regular sessions in preparation for my wedding and throughout my pregnancy.

Laura got me toned for my wedding (not to mention fitting into my wedding dress). After my round of private lessons with Laura, I felt strong, and my posture and Pilates form improved dramatically. I felt good and healthy. Pilates allowed me to stay in shape, keep moving, and fight morning sickness. Her studio also provided a community where I met several other supportive moms.

To add to it all, I originally came to Laura years ago with a bad knee condition. I thought I’d...


David Howitt

"A few years ago my Neurosurgeon suggested that before opting for surgery I should first try doing Pilates to alleviate my severe back pain and although skeptical at first I have become a true convert. Laura's studio was the most highly recommended of the available studios and I can see why.

Laura is a Gem. The sessions are carefully planned to maximize the benefit with minimal discomfort and her encouragement and support are exceeded only by her patience. The improvements in mobility and strength began to relieve my day-to-day discomfort almost immediately and within a few months I found myself feeling normal again."

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Alyson Mitchell

"Laura Shearer is a great coach. I started working with her in 2022 as I had underwent a total knee surgery and had progressive scoliosis. I was in constant pain and super frustrated watching my body progressively deteriorate. Doctors offered pain injections but no real solutions other than more surgery. I started Lift Pilates in the summer of 2022. It was frequently hard for me to show up due to pain- but I just kept going because Laura was so encouraging, kind and really seemed to understand body mechanics. At ~6 months I started to feel different... a bit stronger... at 9 months I had significantly less pain and my knee was moving more normally. At 1 year, I was significantly stronger, had almost full range of motion in my knee, and felt so much better. I am now at a place...