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Alyson Mitchell

"Laura Shearer is a great coach. I started working with her in 2022 as I had underwent a total knee surgery and had progressive scoliosis. I was in constant pain and super frustrated watching my body progressively deteriorate. Doctors offered pain injections but no real solutions other than more surgery. I started Lift Pilates in the summer of 2022. It was frequently hard for me to show up due to pain- but I just kept going because Laura was so encouraging, kind and really seemed to understand body mechanics. At ~6 months I started to feel different... a bit stronger... at 9 months I had significantly less pain and my knee was moving more normally. At 1 year, I was significantly stronger, had almost full range of motion in my knee, and felt so much better. I am now at a place were I can physically challenge myself again...which is so wonderful because I really missed that. I appreciate Laura's methodical approach to Pilates. It is not a gym, its not a class for the masses, it's a program designed specifically for your body that morphs and changes as your body gets stronger. I highly recommend this approach to anyone suffering from chronic injuries."