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Postnatal Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Short Course & workshop

Our pelvic floor course is for women of all ages, not just those who have recently given birth. This short course is designed to provide you with the tools to help return your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to function and strength.

Our course is not a substitute for a physician’s care, and we encourage you to speak to your physician about our course. Sutter Davis OB/GYNs and midwives, along with some of the OB/GYNs at Kaiser Davis, currently recommend our    course.

Our short course or workshop will begin re-educating your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to help provide functional strength to support diastasis recti, heal symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, including pelvic pain and incontinence, strengthen your core, and help return you to health. there is no upper age limit—these issues are treatable at any age and length of time postpartum. We encourage all ages of women with the issues mentioned above to attend.


  • 3-hour workshop
  • scheduled on a saturday
  • 10am-1pm
  • Cost: $99 per person*
  • *early bird registration
  • $109 at the door
  • Members receive 10% discount
  • limited seating available
  • Contact Greta Wyeth:
  • 530.902.4434

short course/private sessions

  • series of 4 one-hour weekly private sessions
  • cost: $429

questions? contact greta