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Pilates reformer classes

Keep moving your body and live with less pain, a more flexible body, stronger body, better posture, a more open chest and less hunched shoulders! Pilates will help you keep doing the things you love like riding your bike, running, and walking, or whatever your passion is! Our Pilates reformer classes will help you move better and help keep you living the lifestyle you want.

Like our private sessions, we customize our Pilates reformer classes to the group’s needs. Try our Going More Joe® Classical Pilates Reformer class if you're looking for an authentic, athletic approach to Pilates with the Classical order. Give “Mixed Level Reformer” or "Rooted Tree" classes a go if you want a moderate to deliberate paced Pilates workout with a contemporary approach. Group Pilates Reformer Classes utilize Balanced Body® Reformers. At the instructor’s discretion, we sometimes use Oovs, small barrels, the mat, the wall, and other small equipment. Smaller classes of five or fewer optimize your workout by allowing more interaction and feedback from the instructor. Going More Joe® is a registered trademark by Sunni Almond.

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