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Private sessions

At Lift Pilates we want to get to know you better. Our private sessions build a foundation of correct postures and movements to begin establishing your fitness lifestyle, and they offer continued guidance and development on your path to feeling good, physically and mentally.

We customize private Pilates sessions to meet each client’s personal fitness goals, helping them to rid their body of tension and improve posture, core strength, flexibility, stamina, spine stability, and physical health. Our caring, highly trained instructors teach important tools to aid in recovering from and preventing injuries and illness, reducing lower back pain, maintaining health during pregnancy, regaining strength after childbirth, training for other athletic activities, and developing overall body sculpting.


Post rehab sessions

Pilates For Post Rehab, Athletic Conditioning, and Active Aging

We firmly believe Pilates can benefit everyone, and our clients prove that every day. We train injured athletes, people recovering from surgery, and those suffering from illness and chronic pain, as well as those who recognize the importance of continuing to exercise as they get older, to keep themselves feeling good both physically and mentally. In addition to building core strength and toning their bodies, our clients improve flexibility and posture while developing their potential for strong, graceful freedom of movement.

We incorporate modern exercise principles and apply proven and accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation, and athletic performance enhancement.

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Pilates reformer classes

Keep moving your body and live with less pain, a more flexible body, stronger body, better posture, a more open chest and less hunched shoulders! Pilates will help you keep doing the things you love like riding your bike, running, and walking, or whatever your passion is! Our Pilates reformer classes will help you move better and help keep you living the lifestyle you want.

Like our private sessions, we customize our Pilates reformer classes to the group’s needs. Try our Going More Joe® Classical Pilates Reformer class if you're looking for an authentic, athletic approach to Pilates with the Classical order. Give “Mixed Level Reformer” or "Rooted Tree" classes a go if you want a moderate to deliberate paced Pilates workout with a contemporary approach. Group Pilates Reformer Classes utilize Balanced Body® Reformers. At the instructor’s discretion, we sometimes use Oovs, small barrels, the mat, the wall, and other small equipment. Smaller classes of five or fewer optimize your workout by allowing more interaction and feedback from the instructor. Going More Joe® is a registered trademark by Sunni Almond.

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upcoming workshops or special courses

lift pilates enables you to achieve your goals

Our pelvic floor course is for women of all ages, not just those who have recently given birth. This short course is designed to provide you with the tools to help return your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to function and strength.

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In each unit you will learn the anatomy, luscious movements, and core stabilizing techniques for each portion of the spine and understand how the segments relate to one another. This is a fantastic workshop if you have a stiff, achy back or neck, want to improve your posture and lung capacity, or for movement/exercise instructors looking to deepen your understanding of the spine! (Not advised for those with osteoporosis or disc injury). Saturdays 10 am - 12:30 pm...

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We use the Pilates reformers to lengthen, strengthen, tone, stretch, and balance all the muscle groups and fascial slings in your body. Great for softball teams, soccer teams, skiers, cyclists, runners, and swimmers, too! Cross-train with Pilates and watch your game improve. Get your own group together (5 people per class). Have fun challenging yourself to the limit! Thursdays from 7:30-8:25pm. Requires 3 private sessions to get started.

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