Lessons & Rates

Lift Pilates clients receive a workout individually customized for them.

Using Original Gratz Pilates apparatus, your body learns how to flow while moving. Gratz equipment assists you in building a strong body, and you develop a strong and flexible spine for healthy, efficient movement. You become more flexible as well as stronger. Pilates meets you where you are so you can work at your individual fitness level. Come get healthy and strong in a fun, supportive environment.

Our studio is filled with the best equipment in the industry. Gratz Pilates apparatus, includes:

  • Universal Reformers
  • Cadillac
  • Wall Unit
  • High Mat
  • Wunda Chairs
  • High Chair (Electric Chair)
  • Arm Chair (Baby Chair)
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Spine Correctors
  • Mini Barrel
  • Ped-o-Pul
  • Foot Corrector, Toe Correctors
  • Airplane Board
  • Neck Stretcher
  • Magic Circles
  • 2 x 4
  • Breath-A-Cizer

We offer many packages & memberships to suit different budgets, lifestyles & goals. Reach out to us today so we can help you find the ideal option for you.

Welcome Offer for New Clients

3 Private Pilates Lessons/$219

I am happy to make Welcome Offers available to clients new to my studio. Welcome Offers are also the gateway to duets and friends classes, and teach you a firm foundation before you work with a partner. I teach my clients how to develop a balanced body, as flexible as it is strong. This classical approach leads to better posture, a graceful, flowing gait, and a body that moves with ease and in harmony with itself. I'm looking forward to helping you learn to move your body better and to do things you never believed possible! Welcome Offers expire in 14 days from the date of purchase.

Private Lessons

Laura teaches the original method developed by Joseph Pilates with an individualized focus to get you back to your optimal health and well-being. Whether you are coming in with chronic pain, are an athlete looking to heighten your game, or simply want to get in shape and feel better, this is the place for you! Your workout will be structured within Joseph Pilates' intelligent and innovative design while taking into consideration your individual needs.

A la Carte Private Session: $105/lesson

4 Private Lessons per month for 4 months: $360/mo ($90/lesson)*

8 Private Lessons per month for 4 months: $680/mo ($85/lesson)*

5 Pack Private Lessons: $500 ($100/lesson)

*Most people who purchase monthly packages come in 1-2 times per week and hold a spot on my schedule.

Duet Lessons

Duet lessons are semi-private, and are 2 people working out together. Like Private lessons, we follow the Pilates system and focus on individual needs. These sessions are perfect for those who like working out with a partner or friend. Some of Laura's clients enjoy mixing it up and doing one private lesson and one duet lesson or class per week. Come join us! Pilates is good for the body!

A la Carte Duet Session: $63/lesson

4 Duet Lessons per month for 4 months: $216/mo ($54/ lesson)*

8 Duet Lessons per month for 4 months: $408/mo ($51/lesson)*

5 Pack Duet Lessons: $300 ($60/lesson)

*Duet Lessons require that you do Intro Offer Private Lessons first.

*Most people who purchase monthly packages come in 1-2 times per week and hold a spot on my schedule.

Friends Pilates Apparatus Class

Put together your own class with 1-3 of your own friends. You will receive your first class free for putting together your class.

Prices start at $148/month (4x per month)

*Apparatus classes require that you do Welcome Offer Private Lessons first.

Please call me to arrange your class!

If you have questions, please give me a call at 530.220.4579 and let's talk.

You can email me at lauracotler@icloud.com

Book Now and you'll be on your way to a better body.

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