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Sarah Gould

a body of work certified pilates instructor

Sarah Gould is a certified Pilates instructor, professional Modern dancer, creative movement teacher since 2003, certified Buti Yoga teacher, and artistic director of Off Kilter Dance Collective. Sarah graduated cum laude from San Francisco State University in 2010, with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and numerous awards for dance performance and leadership.

She received her full certification as a Pilates instructor in early 2012 from A Body of Work in San Francisco, graduating at the top of her class. Under the mentorship of Master Teacher Jean Sullivan in San Francisco, Sarah specialized in training clients with osteoporosis, utilizing exercises that build bone density, strengthen the spine, and increase balance.

As a dancer and choreographer, Sarah loves to infuse her Pilates practice with creativity and play, exploring new possibilities for the moving body.

In 2013, Sarah moved to Rwanda to teach the first Pilates classes to reach that area. It was there, in the middle of Africa, that she truly fell in love with Pilates, and her excitement grew at the thought of bringing her new-found love back to the people in her community. "It is an honor to spend my time teaching people to discover the beauty of moving freely and with ease in one's own body," says Gould. In addition to Lift Pilates, Sarah teaches fitness classes at the University Retirement Community.

When not in the studio, Sarah can be found writing, painting, knitting, and doing Acro-Yoga and Buti Yoga.