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Carrie Gifford

Polestar® Certified Pilates Instructor & Practioner

A former dancer and gymnast who also performed regularly in musical theater, Carrie is no stranger to movement. Her career in performing arts was cut short in her teens by a series of scoliosis surgeries, which resulted in titanium rods in her back and a fusion of eight vertebrae. Afterwards, she struggled with osteoarthritic pain in her lower back that was further aggravated by a car accident in 2007. As a result, she was forced to give up all forms of the physical activities she loved. Her mobility and strength were compromised after the accident, and the pain began interfering with daily activities. So she turned to Lift Pilates for help.

After several years working diligently with the instructors at Lift, she can honestly say that Pilates changed her life. Her pain levels are at a all-time low, and she has been able to return to many of the activities she loved in the past. She attributes all this success to her work in Pilates.

A recent career change led her to become a Pilates Instructor. She wants to inspire others like herself to discover movement and strength where they have been hindered in the past. She chose to study Polestar Pilates, a discipline that is focused on post rehab clients, Carrie is thrilled to be an instructor at Lift Pilates and is so grateful for the opportunity to help others succeed in finding movement through Pilates. You can reach Carrie at carrielyn0@gmail.com